New Dreams

Splash of sunlight!

The 1st ray of sun, just crashes the night.

As I open my eyes, I peep through the window; “The splash of sunlight”,

Just catches my sight.

 The beauty of sky, up above and high!

The colors of rainbow, mixed very bright.

I wish to touch them; then think for a slight,

This is the beauty I wish to bring in my life.

I think of my past, I think of my present,

I think of the mistakes of which I am repentant.

I decide to change my conditions with pure heart intent,

And so have to look into my life’s content.

My life has become a mess!

My life has become a hell!

I have to do something for myself to press,

To come out of this dark tunnel and carry it out well.

Then I think myself just like an injured lioness,

Who has put to shelf, all that she can harness.

But one day when she feels that burning hunting sensation,

She focuses just on her prey with a built – up untapped rejuvenation.

Lion is considered the king of Jungle, have you ever pondered why?

Because when he eyes his prey, he never just leaves it as a try.

Lion doesn’t leave any task in midway,

Whenever he attacks, he only stops after fully killing his prey.

My heart lost in thoughts, I determine & get out of my cot!

The dreams are new, the challenges are high.

May be in the roads ahead, you may wish to cry

But no goal is too distant, no star is too high! Always give a smile to others, & never show them your sigh.

The hills ahead are never as steep as they seem!

So, with full faith do not stop until you reach your coveted dream!

For faith can truly shiver & remove the boulders from your way,

Dare to dream! Hope the best & pray.

Never ever aspire anything below “The best”!

But be sure of yourself and never leave it unaccomplished to take a rest.

God is there to propel you in his own ways,

He is also here with these “sun rays”.

So, prove to world that you have the power,

And show to world, not weak you are!

All those who disparage you, don’t show them your frown,

Because you have to move ahead and not stay there down!

Your actions will speak and give them the required slap,

Don’t worry and bother about their crap!

I’ll do and I have to make,

Is the resolution of this new dream’s wake!

  • Authored by – Juhi Singh

35 thoughts on “New Dreams

  1. wow wow wow !!!
    way to start Juhi….
    i neva imagined u’ve got such a strong heart….
    ppl out there !!! neva mess with this pretty lady… the lioness gonna hunt you down !!!


  2. truely awesome!!! gud start!!!
    these pearls of words shows ur resolution & is quite motivating indeed…
    eagerly awaiting for your next blog…


  3. Wow!…Goodness me…When you said you write poems, I thought that it would be the usual 4 liner or at max a 10 liner. But you really surprised me. Great work juhi! Do not waste your talent. Keep working on it. Start writing lots of them! Have a great future!…All the best for it…:)


  4. hey …
    i must say very encouraging poem .. i liked the line ” no goal is too distant,no star is too high “.. dunno what darkness u have faced but u sure came out of it with great strength … very inspiring…
    keep writing dear !!


  5. Hey its brilliant yar, now some poetic justice for you:

    You are a poet
    I didn’t even know it.
    How about that, good write some more


  6. ‘good’ cant describe wat ur poem is.. it’s powerful.. yes,there is bitterness.. but there’s hope and faith too which is the foundation on which life is built… keep writing.. hope to have exclusive InForMeR right.. 😀


  7. it’s realy very tremadous,heart-touching n inspiressional poem,as it is your frist attempt.
    i’ve also wretten a couple of poems, which i would like to share with you some day.
    till then keep it up n best of luck


  8. hii, well this shows the maturity u have from heart n saga of feelings u have flown through ur poetic display of emotions!!!!!!!!!!!!.gr8, marvellous sculpting of inner heart!!!may god bless u with all success……………


  9. i dint know that the thing we were talking about wud be hiding here in this door of heaven..each and every word out here fills inspiration and clearly presents ur thoughts..juhi salute to u..


  10. I liked your poem. Although it is very lengthy but the content and the message is very clear. Specially the last few lines where the actions give the required slap to the detractors. Keep up the good work.


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