Reach Your Dreams !!!

When the time is less and the means are low,
You have something to prove in life to show,
The pressure is rising and faster the heart is beating,
Try to soothe and calm yourself and control your brain’s functioning.

Pacify yourself and close your eyes,
Concentrate your mind and let it think like a wise,
Is your panicking worth or just otherwise,
Definitely you are capable but you have to pay a price.

Life is at bid and you have to reach the stakes,
High are they but the fear is just fake,
Fear sucks your energy and abilities,
It creates a tension whatever be your capabilities.

The time is present and not for post mortem,
You have to work continually and not in random,
So do use the stairs because there are no elevators,
You have to make the right choice because you’ll meet many traitors.

Avoid wasting time and money on unreliable resources,
Because you have to reach high with all your forces,
Whom to blame if you stay back,
No One is responsible if you don’t crack.

Two inner voices always at fight,
One is wrong and the other one is right,
Carry yourself well and stay with a pride,
Because you are a star and you have to shine bright.

Believe in yourself and don’t think what others may say,
You have to stick to work and you’ll have to stay,
People may enjoy and people may waste,
But you have to utilize; to have life’s real taste.

Think about your parents who always believe you,
You have to get matured and you have to brew,
For all the failures you have had they cry and worry,
They are held responsible for which you have to be sorry.

Try hard because this is the time,
Your life is at center and the opportunity is prime,
Hopes are few and the trusts are broken,
At this time many are slept & only a few are woken.

If you can catch, you can drift by an inch, 

More & More towards the leader’s bench, 

And one day will come when all hopes will come true, 

You will see for yourself when you reach the topper’s crew. 


You have stay, and you have to fight, 

Cos you have to rise and take a flight. 

Don’t get distracted just stick to right, 

and one day you will reach your dreams and shine even after twilight.




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