Is there any movie based on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

Answer by Juhi Singh:

There’s one more not so famous and under rated movie k/a Bhopal Express (U can see full movie on youtube).. made in 1999 with Kay Kay Menon, Naseeruddin Shah, Nethra Raghu Raman, Vijay Raaz and Zeenat Aman. Nicely made but I guess there wasnt any 30th anniversary at that time so didnt get much traction. The 2nd as we know is Bhopal a prayer for Rain coming tomorrow.
The most unfortunate part is about 8k people (official record about 5k) die immediately as an after effect and 5.5 lac people maimed … till today deaths and deformities happening in 2nd and 3rd generation children (makes the indirect death toll to cross 25k mark) and we take 30 years to make world aware of it! (Kal Pen in his interview says people of US came to me and told we are very embarrassed that we were not aware of the scale of this disaster!)
In the US 9/11 attacks 2996 people die and the whole world knows about it. US army enters the culprits house and kill them and we the great Indians let the culprit fly safely off! (Is it not an industrial terrorism – the industrial waste still lies there still contaminating the land, water & lives of people)
There’s a memorial erected for 9/11 attack, we take 30 years to make a museum in the memory of Bhopal Gas tragedy!
There are so many movies made on & around 9/11 attacks – 15 years to make the 1st and 30 years to make the 2nd one!
Justice delayed is justice denied – are we waiting for a 150 years anniversary to compensate them adequately?????
Union carbide – that entity responsible for it has ceased to exist and has been taken over by DOW chem .. which doesn’t take any responsibility for what had happened, People responsible for it have “died” (in India & outside), people immediately affected from it are dying everyday! People getting affected from it are still dying but there is no sight of any justice!
P.S. In no way I am wanting to say 9/11 was much less of a disaster .. all I am saying is everything is “chalta hai” in India … much of deaths could have been avoided with our disaster preparedness, corruption – lessness, awareness, and I can add many asses!
But the point boils down to Nothing has happened for the victims and nothing happened to the culprits!

Is there any movie based on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy?


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