Who is the most useless politician of India?

Answer by Juhi Singh:

Abhijeet Mukherjee – the infamous son of famous President of India!

Enjoy the video of “Dented and Painted” mashup comedy!

If illiterate or lesser educated politicians made such statements .. it would have been still allowable & pitiable owing to their educational backgrounds but what hurt the country most that people who come from such fine family backgrounds and possess professional education (he’s a mech engineer), its really a matter of shame.

No wonder people like him have led India to be a male dominated society and thus turning Delhi into Rape capital .. & rest of the country still a not so safe place all around the clock!

People who make such rubbish statements should also be given death penalty because its not just the rapist but also such thoughts/ comments which rape the women in India!

Who is the most useless politician of India?


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