Why do Indians want to keep Kashmir as a part of their country?

Answer by Juhi Singh:

I would quote what Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee said about not having been able to give Mahatama Gandhi the Nobel Prize “The greatest omission in our 106 year history is undoubtedly that Mahatma Gandhi never received the Nobel Peace prize. Gandhi could do without the Nobel Peace prize. Whether Nobel committee can do without Gandhi is the question

Same goes for Indians & Kashmir “Probably Kashmiris can do without India but whether India can do without integral Kashmir is the question”
We have examples of Kashmiris coming out and voting – showing their belief in democracy, people like Dr. Shah Faesal being an inspiration to youth of entire country, a peaceful tourism prevailing in valley until some cross border terrorism is exported from some forces belonging to neighboring countries,  and I wish to ask who is asking this question?

They who need to learn to 1st balance democracy, then fight internal power center fights, then fight home generated terrorism and after all this if some power is left work for the betterment of people!

I a proud Indian, would just want to say that we might have all the religions in the world staying in Indian territory, so many languages, colors, caste creed and so on …. but we still stand together for each other 🙂 and will always want to be a part of our own country!

May the peace & harmony prevail

Why do Indians want to keep Kashmir as a part of their country?


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