What are your views on Aamir Khan’s comment on recent the outburst, the AIB Knockout?

Answer by Juhi Singh:

Disclaimer: These are my personal views. If AIB has a right to air the show & fight for freedom of speech so do I have a right to air my opinion.

Ok, I saw the much hyped AIB Knockout as it went viral and many friends suggested that I “MUST” watch it. It so happened I couldn’t see it for a day then I was given repeated reminders, etc. DON’T MISS IT!!

I was clueless what lies ahead.

I like Comedy nights with Kapil (Clebs do come there as well), I liked Genius of the year (Alia Bhatt took jokes on her sportingly and made fun of herself, appreciable!) ….. but I don’t like Comedy Circus (With extremely low level of comedy – definitely there can be better jokes to laugh at!)

Then I saw AIB Knockout

I didn’t like it at all!!!!! Why?

I am a women … if I deserve respect I got to give that to others:
a) Whatever that edited version also showed was definitely demeaning … few may say take it lightly but I don’t think I can, explained in next few points
b) Deepika Padukone made such a huge hue and cry about her cleavage controversy by TOI and was laughing at the same jokes in public … was that a PR activity for Ram Leela? Cos what upsets me will upset me always … how can it hurt me soooooo much at one moment and not hurt me in another moment. If I am a girl using my feminist card at one moment how can I laugh when other women are being made fun of? Isn’t that called being opportunist??
c) AIB Roast says “Parineeti is not there because we told her she’ll be fucked by 10 guys”!!!!!! Excuse me !!!!
1st of all this statement doesn’t make me laugh at all.
2ndly – I don’t think talking about sex is taboo but this of course can be termed as gang whatever you would like to call it!
3rdly – then supporting a “GANG RAPE VICTIM” is another PR activity for you, for sure!
d) I have read not seen: There were jokes about Arpita Khan (who is Arjun’s ex) on being ugly, black and what not …. and being asked to Arjun how was it to fuck an ugly girl?
I mean reallllllly? that’s the joke?????
Any brother would have gone and hit the guy calling his ex or any girl for that matter all these words! Thanks to Salmaan that he didn’t hit anyone!
As a brother how many of you would have tolerated a joke like this on your sisters or even a far fetched friend???
If you would have, I don’t think you deserve our respect!
If someone calls me that way, I will hit them in their face … PERIOD
e) Ok, tell me the coolest thing you have done in your life????
I am sure nobody would say it is abusing anyone? If yes, 1st you go get a life; there’s much more to explore in life than GAALIS (translated – abuse!)

Ok, now celebs reaction:
I have almost covered all those who were present there and have gone out on twitter and said whatever they had to!
I have also covered what Salman did or said!
Now, the only one I think needs attention is Aamir Khan – just see the full version yourself before reacting to MEDIA headlines!

Salute to you Aamir … on this one as well!

Ok, Now on legal part:
I am not sure what sort of legal laws have been broken but I guess whatever Aamir has said is correct. However, I also think there is just too much of moral policing in India. We are adults .. and we need to behave as one!

Things like, not letting people celebrate valentine’s day, arresting two girls on exchange of some messages on FB on death of Bala Saheb Thackrey and stuff like that is just too much!

However, lot of speeches (HATE SPEECHES) by Praveen Togadia (despite being a Doctor!) are being aired and Owaisi gets arrested … why is that so??? Is it a country of selective laws? If Owaisi gets arrested so should Praveen Togadia!

If AIB gets arrested so should Sadhvi Niranjan – both are profanity issues …
So should Satyapal Singh (Police commissioner), Asaram Bapu (Godman, alleged rapist himself), Vibha Rao (Chairperson Women commission!!!!!), Abu Azmi (SP MLA Indian politician), Ashok Singhal (leader of VHP),  Mohan Bhagwat (Chief RSS), Khaps of Haryana, Abhijeet Mukherjee (The infamous son of famous President of India), Mamta Baneerjee (CM WB), Mulayam Singh Yadav (Ex – CM UP and father of current CM UP) and so on (22 Comments About Rape That Will Make You Really Angry) for hurting public sentiments!

As Indians – yes we have fundamental rights in our constitution but we also have fundamental duties and we are directed by Directive Principles of state policy (but nowhere mentioned extreme Moral Policing!)

So, I fully support Aamir but there are just too many double standards in Industry and society …. !
Now, linking Delhi Belly to this (which is what most people are calling double standards) – was it demeaning to any person, place or thing? No!!!!!
That explains all

And while “I” don’t see any merits in this show, but it’s not such a big national issue to be given so much heed also

What are your views on Aamir Khan’s comment on recent the outburst, the AIB Knockout?


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