Who is the most underrated actor/actress in Bollywood and why?

Answer by Juhi Singh:

NANDITA DAS: Do I need to say more than just name these films …
All the films done by her have been based on some really serious subjects portrayed beautifully … yes, there are no non – sensical dialogues, stupid item numbers or body show but each of these movies are THE BEST Indian cinema could ever bring out.

Thanks to Nandita Das – but disappointed that she is so utterly underrated! But I just love each of her movies

1. Parinati: A Prakash Jha movie – probably actress’s debut – NATIONAL AWARD WINNING Movie

2. FIRE: The infamous movie because it was much ahead of its time to talk about homosexual relations

3.  EARTH: Set during partition times, got much appreciation for Amir and Debut award for Rahul Khanna but somehow missed Nandita for her phenomenal performance!

4. Hazar Chaurasi ki maa: Another national award winning movie

5. Rockford:

Lovely movie … my personal favs. But quiet underrated like Nandita

6. Hari – Bhari: Yet another national award winning movie based on fertility issues in India. MUST WATCH ALL WOMEN OUT THERE!

7. Bawander: The saga of Bhanwari devi – the brave women who fought for her rights are is responsible for 1st law in India against sexual abuse at work place!

8. Aks: The whole movie got shadowed by Amitabh & Manoj Bajpai but had yet another brilliant performance by Nandita Das

9. Pitaah:Not only shows struggle of a Dalit father but also a mother whose daughter is raped by 2 upper caste men in village

10. Lal Salaam: Depicting struggles based on true stories of tribes

11. Ek alag mausam: A movie based on AIDS patient

12. Ek Din 24 Ghante: An amazing mystery film based on relationships – Nandita like never before!

13. Pani A Drop of life: A wake up call for the water scarcity

14. Ramchand Pakistani: A true story! And a brilliant one 🙂

15. I AM: A brilliant movie on lots of issue with another fantastic performance by not only Nandita Das but each one of em!

To name a few in Hindi/ English. There are some amazing ones in Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, etc. done by her but unfortunately I don’t know any of these languages

Who is the most underrated actor/actress in Bollywood and why?


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