If given a chance, what are the 3 things that you would like to change in history?

Answer by Juhi Singh:

Wow, what a question, because there have been exactly 3 events which I have always wondered – why did “they” happen …. had “they” not happen, then …. etc. etc.

1. Partition of India:
a) The seeds of partition of India
b)The conflicts and riots related to it
c) The demarcation of Radcliffe line
d) The haste in which Britishers left as soon as partition was announced
f) The way in which partition was handled
g) & its aftermaths – which have implications even till today

2. 1984 Anti – Sikh Riots: Who’s to be blamed? It’s a secular country still massacres of such kinds did happen….. & finally people who lost their families, loved ones still struggling for justice!

3. Babri Masjid Demolition:

The worst of its kind whose ripples still rock the nation time & again
a) The ugly day of 6th of December 1992 … and many more 6th of December post that which till now have seen at least loss of one life per year … related to the same day!

b) Bombay riots in its aftermath which sparked on the eve of same day and continued till January 1993
c) Rioting all over India over the same issue in the same year and after that

d) 1993 Mumbai Bombings – citing the same reasons
e) Terrorist outfits seeking their motives started targeting the youths even more after this incident

f) People going ahead in 2002 to celebrate the anniversary of the same cause(???)

g) Incidents & disputes over same issue causing Godhara Train burning

h) Finally the infamous Gujarat riots

I wish I gotta a genie to fullfill these 3 wishes for India!

I really wanna think what would have India like if these 3 ugly things wouldn’t have happened

If we can’t undo …. can we at least learn from our mistakes?

I wish so ….

If given a chance, what are the 3 things that you would like to change in history?


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