Response to Maximum City: The Hindu

I wish rather than focusing on fringe benefits, BJP – Shiv Sena could focus on core benefits which affect common man like 1. Unplanned city 2. Roads with holes and every year on going construction 3. Traffic issues arising out of above 2 & more 4. Alternate means of transport & promotion of usage of public transport 5. Up-gradation of locals to metro standards with AC & Stations up-gradation to avoid unauthorized entry (which accounts for 90% of travel) 6. Real estate regulation boards to avoid unnecessary price hikes, price cartels, poor quality constructions, black money, unmet demands at post possession stage, wrong promises at pre – possession stage 7. Security not only for women but also for old aged and children 8. Pollution in key residential areas 9. Unhygienic conditions in slum areas – improper drainage, improper water, educational issues, ever increasing unauthorized slum, etc. The list can go on only for Mumbai … I am not even talking about rest of Maharashtra!


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