Is the ban imposed on the recent BBC documentary “India’s Daughter” justified?

Answer by Juhi Singh:

Well, the moment I found the link I saw it … & shared it … for I knew its gonna be exclusive and everyone must watch!

& thus, after watching it if I shared it, I don’t think it was any wrong for others to see it.

Now, lets come to the ban.

Why ban on movie? Source: Nirbhaya documentary row: Why Modi Government’s decision to ban film can’t be justified
Following an outrage over the documentary, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said the government has taken necessary action to stop the telecast of a documentary based on the interview with a convict in the Dec 16 gang-rape case.
Making a statement in the Rajya Sabha, the Home Minister said government condemns the December 16, 2012 incident and will not allow to leverage such incidents for commercial use.
While announcing a blanket ban on its telecast, Singh said comments made in the documentary are “highly derogatory and an affront to the dignity of women.

On facebook, there runs a Dr. Subramanian Swamy page which has shared following views about the ban (I am not sure if it is a genuine one or views of any self proclaimed administrator):
Why are the fingers being pointed at Indian men ? How many do you know in your friend circle who endorse the views of the rapists and their lawyer ?
Rape is a sensitive subject and needs a collective conscience of our entire society. It’s a blot on our nation, our way of life. But while we’re working this out, trying to find ways to make amends – there comes a commie with a propaganda and shows the world —“This is what Indian men and their CULTURE (read- ‘regressive backward Hindutva’) is all about”.
And what did you really expect when a commie like Dibang co-produces it and NDTV was going to air it ?
“..wait, you’ve got it wrong, I’ve seen the documentary it’s just an honest attempt to explore the …. blah blah”
Yes we’ve seen it too by now (thanks to Youtube) and as expected the entire world press is taking full liberty in making the same interpretation that we mentioned above. Because hey – that was the real intention, we on this side of the border see through it or not.

I’m finding it funny that our government & a learned person like Subramaniyan Swamy find the ban justified and, they find the documentary an attack on Indian culture!

Now, I want to take up both the points from my perspective and prove how it is NOT an attack on Indian culture and how the ban is not justified:

1. Well, I too love Indian culture and would have protested if that documentary was derogatory of women or Indian culture in any way. (Read

2. Anyways, they found it derogatory about Indian women but they didn’t find following derogatory:
a) Lot of speeches (HATE SPEECHES) by Praveen Togadia (despite being a Doctor!) are being aired – Isn’t that derogatory for minorities living in India??
and Owaisi gets arrested … why is that so??? Is it a selective law? If Owaisi gets arrested so should Praveen Togadia! If his public speaking is banned so should Togadia’s!
b) & so should Sadhvi Niranjan –  profanity issues …
c) & so should Satyapal Singh (Police commissioner), Asaram Bapu (Godman, alleged rapist himself), Vibha Rao (Chairperson Women commission!!!!!), Abu Azmi (SP MLA Indian politician), Ashok Singhal (leader of VHP),  Mohan Bhagwat (Chief RSS), Khaps of Haryana, Abhijeet Mukherjee (The infamous son of famous President of India), Mamta Baneerjee (CM WB), Mulayam Singh Yadav (Ex – CM UP and father of current CM UP) and so on (22 Comments About Rape That Will Make You Really Angry) for being derogatory to women!

3. After reading today’s newspaper I realized Mulayam Singh has been detected with Swine flu … my 1st thought was he should die! No, I am not a sadist or person with criminal mind … but it seethes me how a person who can think “Ladke hai galti ho jati hai” on issue like rape would be ex – CM of UP and his son is present CM of UP. We all know Indian culture too well, to assume this safely that parents inculcate values in their progeny! Yes, there are exceptions but I am sure Akhilesh has not shown any such signs…. However, on a second thought on that news item, I felt him dying is not the solution… that mentality has to die

5. Now, I would like to reply to Subramanian Swamy or that self proclaimed administrator on his question “How many do you know in your friend circle who endorse the views of the rapists and their lawyer ?” – Well I just mentioned some 23 people who have endorsed the views of the lawyer and not only me but many people know them. Would you ban them?

6. After having answered to his question, I have a question for him from his own statement “It’s a blot on our nation, our way of life. But while we’re working this out, trying to find ways to make amends”
Do facts about a country blot it? And where are the amends happening?
Is it too demeaning for you to accept that India has many reported as well unreported rapes happening? & that thinking of not only general public but also people who head women commission needs the change! & that Nirbhaya was really an incident which not only was gruesome but became a movement against such people and duddy fuudy Indian culture – Women should wear purdah, not come out of houses, if something happens shouldn’t fight back & blah!

7. And now my question to Our home minister who seems to be the protector of culture etc. … via moral policing – “comments made in the documentary are highly derogatory and an affront to the dignity of women.” REALLY???? Exposing the mentality of rapist and that hanging him in public wouldn’t have been too much and that this is where we need to start making change else there would be no stop …. that’s derogatory & should be banned? How about paying a little heed to my point no. 2?

Well, to end it I don’t think the ban is at all justified if there is no ban on such mentality (& the speeches and such acts of rape or crime against women are outcome of those mentality). To add to it, it is a country of freedom of speech and expression, who are you to decide whether it is derogatory or not? Let us decide what we find derogatory for us and we will surely take it up at India gate, Ram Leela maidan, Gateway of India or any such public place … and let me also tell u .. it is not anarchy .. it is aspiration of people’s (Unmet Demand versus no leader’s supply to take it up) …. If you think Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were right – so are we because “Behro ko sunane ke liye dhamake ki zaroorat hoti hai”


And we say ‪#‎Indiasdaughter‬ is a fake documentary .. aimed to disgrace Indian Culture … Is this the culture we are talking about? Really sad The Logical Indian
Also, an appeal to many unnecessarily indulging in mudslinging .. I am not saying there aren’t any rapes in US & UK … may be there are much more than India … But we are not competing to be the no.1! Are we? Then why this blame game …. and why should that bother me? I live in India … that’s why this bothers me!
So, I don’t want any illogical comments or beliefs from anyone… all I wish to see is the CHANGE in this mindset!

Is the ban imposed on the recent BBC documentary “India’s Daughter” justified?


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