The Hindu Editorial Review – Laughing down NH10

This article just goes on to add to my series on why ‪#‎Indiasdaughter‬wasn’t fake and did deserve a ‪#‎NOBAN‬ This only goes on to add to my response to people who asked after watching the documentary that SUCH mentality doesn’t exist in our society .. well!! Then just go ahead and read this article for urself! The author of this article goes on to add
“Episodes like these reveal a lot about the society we live in. Instead of typecasting these responses as being those from audience belonging to a certain class, or a city or even a country, we might as well accept that the uncomfortable truth is that patriarchy is universal.
To think that these movies and soaps are being watched when the country and the world are increasingly debating issues relating to women, masculinity and rape.
If this is how we react to it – with dismissive laughter or mockery – then what does it really say about our collective evolution?”

Just one edit to the article – As far as I remember of the film .. It was not an intercaste marriage issue but same Gotra marriage issue. So, Ideally “if u married outside ur religion ur dead, if u married outside ur caste ur dead, if u married in a not allowed sub caste ur outcasted …. and if u passed all these filters dont be so shocked if ur still dead cos u married in the same gotra!!” ‪#‎BS‬


2 thoughts on “The Hindu Editorial Review – Laughing down NH10

    1. Hi Jeewan, thanks for reading my article.
      Well, as mentioned in the newspaper article itself .. lets not typecast people. But to deny that such a thing doesn’t exist in society will be foolishness. I agree that there are people esp in our generation have gone beyond this but it wud be unfair to say that they don’t exist 🙂


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